Next-Generation Sequencing Analysis Resources

This Gitbook contains resources for mastering NGS analysis. It has been generated by the Bioinformatics team at NYU Center For Genomics and Systems Biology in New York and Abu Dhabi.

The modules included in this resource are designed to provide hands on experience with analyzing next generation sequencing. Standard pipelines are presented that provide the user with and step-by-step guide to using state of the art bioinformatics tools. Each module includes sample datasets and scripts that can be accessed on NYU's HPC facility.

Please send comments and corrections to: <[email protected]> and <[email protected]>


  • Nizar Drou
  • David Gresham
  • Kris Gunsalus
  • Manpreet Singh Katari
  • Mohammed Khalfan
  • Jillian Daisy Rowe
  • Alan Twaddle

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