Successfully distribute workflows across the HPC

Create and submit composable HPC analyses.

HPC Runner helps you make the best use of the resources available, and makes it easy to set parameters and declare dependencies.


Core Concepts

Dependencies - What are they?

Workflows are a series of inputs and outputs with tasks connecting them. Each task depends upon zero or more tasks.

Task INPUT OUTPUT Dependencies
trimmomatic s_read1.fastq.gz, s_read2.fastq.gz s_read1_{1,2}PE.fastq.gz, s_read1_{1,2}SE.fastq.gz
align s_read1_{1,2}PE.fastq.gz, s_read1_{1,2}SE.fastq.gz s_aligned.bam trimmomatic
sort s_align.bam s_sorted.aligned.bam align

Dependency Trees

A dependency tree is a way of relating tasks that must be completed in a certain order.

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