The gencore module system is designed to be composable, testable, with the functionality to share with any researcher anywhere in the world.

Each module is designed to a be a 100% self contained analysis module. For any given analysis (variant detection, rnaseq, chipseq, etc) each piece of software with all dependencies and correct versioning is included.

Nature - Reality Check on Reproducible Research

Is there a reproducibility crisis in science? Yes, according to the readers of



Two-thirds of researchers who responded to a survey by this journal

said that current levels of reproducibility are a major problem.

Gencore modules are thoroughly tested and uploaded to the cloud. Anyone, anywhere can use these modules.



The short answer is reproducible research.

Additionally, if you take a look at just the variant_detection module, it has ~25 modules, and following the dependency tree leads to over ~250 individual software packages. Different softwares can and do have conflicting versions, differing compilations, etc. Each gencore module has been tested against these possibilities.

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